PageSmith | WordPress drag & drop pageĀ builder
PageSmith UI Design is a block builder post editor system which would be implemented via wordpress as a plugin.

There are many page editors on wordpress that are universally used across the open sourced world. When creating PageSmith I had in mind that there are no post editing plugins in block style when creating posts. The UI is simple and easy and would be used in row sections to control the design of each individual post.

I created the element editing blocks in a hover style, so you are able to see the changes live and amend the post similar to ‘Customize’ within the wordpress platform.

The top bar will be the main editing section where you will be able to drag elements on the page. The icons have hover over information to determine the element chosen, as not all people will understand iconic design.

The user will also have the option to re-align the task bar to the right hand side to drag elements from, as opposed to the top bar editing section.

Once elements have been created, the user will be able to hover over as shown above to edit the specific element.

Same with modal and chart section elements to make the posts more like pages.

When scaling down to tablet (or mobile) the interface changes to become responsive, introducing a condensed panel as shown above, this way the editing panel can be moved around the page to suit the users space.